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Title Date Speaker
Seniors' Interviews 6/1/89 Various
The Peterborough Chemong Railway 6/1/89 Doris Huffman
The McConkey Family Tree 9/13/89 Peter McConkey
From Wood and Nails 3/14/91 Walter Walker
The Brumwell Family of Smith 5/16/91 Joan Brumwell
The Ayotte Family of Smith Township 4/18/91 Paul Ayotte
The History of Young's Point 9/21/91 Aileen Young
The History of the Postcard & Smith Township 10/17/91 Hugh Jones
The Gannon's Narrows Area of Harvey Township 11/21/91 Albert Chase
Show & Tell 1/16/92 Members of the Society
The Forerunners 2/20/92 John G Pierce
Frustration, Fun & Philosophy in Writing Canoe History 11/15/92 Gerry Stephenson
The Marmora Iron Mines 4/16/92 Andrea Philpot
The Milbourn Family 5/16/92 Lucile Clarke
The Deer Bay & Area Resorts 6/18/92 Cifford Pearson/Fred Morgan
Millar Creek Walk & Miller Creek Experiences 10/15/92 Doug Sadler
Selected Poems of William Telford Book Launch 11/14/92 Members of the Society
Letters from the Wilderness 1/1/93 Michael Peterman
One Room Schools 10/23/93 Olga Harrison
Antique Lamps 3/16/93 Doug Burley
The Dionne Quintuplets 4/19/93 Doreen Lee
Through the Lens 4/19/93 Video Committee
Dedication of Smith Town Hill Plaque 6/1/93 Bernice Harris & Members
The History of Chemong Lodge 9/13/93 Doug Northey
The Life of Thomas Workman 10/23/93 Lucille Coulson
Elsie Knott, Her Life & History of Curve Lake 10/23/93 Elsie Knott
The Bullock Family & the People of the 14th Concession 11/9/93 Irene Bullock
The Dumbells 11/18/93 Steve Plunkett
The Brown Family Tree 1/20/94 Bill Brown
Old Irons 2/18/94 Larry Craighead
The Canadian Poet Valancy Crawford 3/17/94 Betty Galvin
Women & the Law 4/2/94 Bernadine Dodge
Presentation of Smith Family Chart to Smith Council 6/4/94 Membership
Buckhorn Lodge 9/15/94 Connie Gemmill
Historical Tour of Stoney Lake 10/20/94 Kathy Hooke
A Distinct Society 1/21/95 Patrick English
The Manning Family Tree 5/16/95 Clarence Manning
Brownscombe Family & Pottery 6/1/95 Ken Brown
The History of Cody Inn 9/21/95 Pat Nodrigves
Smith Township Historical Society Council at Lang Village 10/1/95 Smith Council
Lang Village 10/1/95 Membership
Map Committee Presentation 10/19/95 Map Committee
The Harrison Family Tree 11/16/95 Olga Harrison
The Trial of Dr. King / Port Hope Murder Case 02//01/96 Rhonda Mills
The Roy Collection 2/21/96 Ken Doherty
Architecture of Early Homes in the Peterborough Area 4/19/96 Richard Crowley
The History of Dummer Township 5/21/96 Jean Murray Cole
The Heritage Centre Opening 6/20/96 The Membership
The History of Gardening in Peterborough 10/19/96 Suzanne Bailey
In Search of Truth: Mutiny on the Bounty 2/20/97 Bob Bowley
Peterborough Heritage Gazette-The McMahon Family 3/20/97 Art Dainton / Barbara McMahon Dainton
Contemporary Objibway Culture 4/17/97 James Whetung
The Chemong Portage 5/15/97 Connie Copps
The History of 4H in Canada 6/9/97 Margaret Warren/Karen Seymour
Presentation of Ontario Heritage Award to Helen Willcox 6/1/97 Smith Council
The History of North Smith 9/19/97 Gerald Tedford
Turning History into Drama 10/21/96 Robert Winslow
Her Life in Rural Smith in the 1950's 10/16/97 Joan Edwards
Antique Cars 12/20/97 Dick Crowley
The Story of Grose Ile 1/15/98 Ken Armstrong
Railroads in the Kawarthas 1854-1954 2/18/98 Conrad Hill
United Empire Loyalists of Ontario 4/16/98 Jean Lake
Fairburn & Fauls Families 6/18/98 Gayle Nelson
Antique Car Ride 1998 Membership
Model Railways -Depicting Our Past 9/17/98 Alex McLeod
Military History-Our Connection with Manitoba, Eygypt, Russia 10/15/98 Keith Dinsdale
The Crawford Family Tree 11/18/99 Ruth Crawford
Lakefield Glass 1/21/99 Cora Hendren
The Huffmans - A Family of Builders 03//18/99 Doris Huffman
Surveying the Ontario / Manitoba Border 5/21/99 John Pierce
We are pleased to report that our archives continue until 2019

For more information please contact John Harris (Chair Person Videos and Recordings).


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